Why Our Shaving Cream Doesn't Foam

One of the questions we get asked most often here at Ernest Supplies is why our shaving cream doesn’t foam like the drug store stuff does. In fact, we’ve even gotten some pointed emails from customers who think the product is defective. As my buddy Vinny always says in a vague, faux, West Indian accent, “chill Winston,” the product isn’t defective – it’s actually working just as it was designed to. That is, the product is designed to create a highly moisturizing, protective barrier to shield your skin from irritation caused by your razor blade without putting tons of foam between your beard and your blade.

Here’s the thing about foam – it’s caused by a chemical reaction brought about once the product is dispensed into your hand or onto your face. Foam is air. Air does nothing to protect your skin from a razor blade. Further, the chemicals used to create that foam can prove to be irritating to certain skin types. The fact of the matter is that foam is little more than a marketing gimmick that was developed in the early 50’s when companies began selling “brushless” shaving products. The foam was meant to mimic the look and feel of the lather guys were used to creating themselves with a bar of soap and a badger brush. Perhaps most annoying, foam also clogs your razor blade and makes it difficult to shave with precision.

The base of our Cooling Shave Cream formula is actually a nature inspired form of hair conditioner – like the stuff you might use on your head. We've traded up from foam in favor of a thinner, more effective cream. The conditioning base of our formula allows the product to work like a pre-shave oil, softening beard hair and making it easier to shave. A combination of super-high quality moisturizers like avocado, jojoba seed, macadamia nut, wheat germ, coconut, passion fruit seed, rice bran, acai and babassu seed oils create a protective barrier on your face, allowing for a super close shave without the redness and irritation. To finish off the formula, we also added natural anti-redness and anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe and allantoin to soothe skin, post-shave, like an aftershave would. We literally tried to build a product that combined three products – pre-shave oil, moisturizing shave cream and aftershave – into one, reducing clutter and making the whole shaving process that much more simple. Oh and, by the way, the product is also designed to reduce annoying razor clogs.

We’ve actually gotten more than a few emails from customers telling us that our Cooling Shave Cream gives them the closest, most comfortable shave they’ve ever had and leaves their face feeling soft and moisturized. Whether you use our stuff or not, definitely consider making the investment in a premium shaving product and do yourself a favor and skip the foam!

3 Steps to a Great Shave

We figured that while we have your attention, we'd offer a few basics to ensure your shave is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

  1. Step 1 - Prepare Your Face:
    - Thoroughly cleanse skin prior to shaving. If possible, it's actually best to shower before shaving as the warm water will help to open pores and give the blade better access to facial hair resulting in a closer shave

    - We also recommend exfoliating (not more than 2 - 3 times a week), as it will remove dead skin and dramatically reduce ingrown hairs

    - Condition facial hair prior to shaving to soften it and make it easier for the blade to cut. One can do this with a pre-shave oil or, save the extra step by using Ernest Supplies Cooling Shave Cream, which is specially formulated to condition hair as its applied

  2. Step 2 - Shave (Obviously):  

    - I think we adequately belabored this point above - choose a shave cream that doesn’t foam

    - Always start with a sharp blade. You should replace blades after 4 or 5 shaves

    - Shave with the grain to reduce irritation and razor burn. Keep in mind that the natural grain of your facial hair will change at various spots on your face and neck, so get to know your face if you don't already. For a special occasion, you can shave a second time against the grain for a longer lasting, closer shave. If you shave every day, limit the second shave to once a week as this will reduce irritation to your skin

  3. Step 3 - Protect:  

    - After shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close pores and remove excess shaving cream

    - A product like our Cooling Shave Cream that has built in redness and inflammation reducing ingredients will leave your skin looking great despite the fact that you just spent the last 5 minutes running a razor blade across your face. If you do opt for a separate after-shave product, avoid products laden with alcohol, as they will serve to irritate your skin and cause dryness

    - Always follow a shave with a good moisturizer to revitalize your skin with essential oils and vitamins that may have been stripped away during the shaving process. Our Protective Matte Moisturizer is a great, natural option

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