5 Questions: Evan Saffer, Coffee Aficionado and Musician

To describe Evan as passionate is like describing The Beatles as a good band - it's a bit of an understatement.  He managed to channel his lifelong interest in making music into a record deal, complete with a national tour and a swooning base of fans not unlike the ones that accompanied the Fab Four way back when.  Somehow he's also managed to turn his interest in all things food and drink into Kave, hands down, the best cafe in Bushwick (some might argue one of the best in Brooklyn - trust us, the sriracha egg sandwich paired with a cup of Kave house blend coffee will change your life for the better).  With a new album with a completely new sound on it's way (think electronic has a kid with rock-and-roll and the baby would be the soon to be released Opponent), we caught up with him over, you guessed it, a sriracha egg sandwich and a cup of coffee at Kave and asked him our 5 Questions. 

1. What is the most precious object you own (FYI - value and price are not the same)? 
Owning a business and having a baby you learn to put less value on material things.  Everything breaks, gets stained, gets old.  When we first opened Kave I kept (and still do sometimes) trying to hit a stride.  Ok, we've got all this equipment, everything is fine, lets do business.  Part of doing business is wear and tear.  The more business, the more the dishwasher runs, glasses break, steam wands need to be replaced, payroll goes up, supplies go up, trash goes up and things need to be repaired.  The music business is the same way.  The more you tour, the instruments get busted, the van breaks down, your health suffers and on and on.  Same with babies!  Ok, you learned to drink from a cup, no more spills, then they color on the walls, vomit on the carpet and pee on the chairs (when potty training).  Then your kid finally gets it and they have a play date and somebody else's kid does all those things, yay!  You surrender, you say none of it matters, you see the playfulness in chaos (children and dogs are a great reminder of playfulness) - once that becomes "your job" then you love your work and other people can feel that.  You run around like a maniac, people hate their work and the business will never reach full potential (nor will your soul). The most precious thing in my life is family.  

2. The most overrated place in the world?  The most underrated?
Disneyland, although from a child's point of view, it's paradise.  Most underrated place in the world is the bathtub.

3. Hell is _____________. 
Hell is whatever my mind creates that makes me uncomfortable.  At the end of the day, it's all thoughts, possibilities and illusions and all stemming from me.  Hell is me not sleeping at night if my mind is racing, realizing it, and still can't turn it off.  Working on it though.  My wife and I study Kabbalah, read a lot of Eckhart Tolle and practice poi (a physical meditation which involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns).
4. What are three things you hope to do before you die? 
1. Control my mind.
2. Find inner peace.
3. Nirvana. 
5. What gets you out of bed in the morning? 
My daughter, then the business.
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Keep track of Evan's music HERE and check out his stuff on iTunes:  Neon Gas and Before the Sun (Mixing in with My Blood is a standout!)

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