NYC Restaurant Companion

When you become a New Yorker, a couple of strange things happen to you – to name a few, you become absolutely obsessed with real estate and equally obsessed with eating out. I’m sure all of my fellow New York food fiends will share the excitement I felt this morning when someone sent me THIS little gem – a spreadsheet with details on nearly all significant restaurants in NYC. Apparently, some food obsessed investment banker had his summer analyst compile the list and even had him link the restaurant names to their respective websites and link the Yelp to their respective reviews. The amount of work here is epic – it probably took this poor soul the whole summer to complete this (I guess it’s better than doing senseless pitchbooks). Fortunately for all of us, that poor guy’s pain is our gain – no more racking your brain for a place to eat in New York. Enjoy!!

Download the excel file HERE

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